GEA Art Of Being

It guides you to create transformation in your life through programs, sessions, workshops, trainings that carry your existence to high vibrations by blending ancient knowledge of life with innovative special techniques, without breaking away from the flow of daily life, with recreation practicess.

Learns to use your life energy correctly with GEA programs and discovers the purpose of your life; you create the life you want by achieving a sense of success and satisfaction.

GEA offers life energy; Positive Vibration, High Energy, Perfect Body

Are you ready to experience the balance, harmony and integrity of your soul, heart and mind and the pleasure of meeting your greatest self? GEA shows us how to turn our world into heaven with joy, joy, health and wealth, beauty and love for all..

Merva Onur



Individual and Collective Sessions


Individual GEA Sessions

Meet the mindfulness-oriented, integrative, sustainable, sustainable, personalized therapy sessions offered by the GEA world and create a life you will live to the fullest with the programs offered specifically for you.

The aim of the one-to-one counseling sessions is to draw a special road map that is shaped according to your personal needs and focused on you; with ancient knowledge, modern breathing technique teachings, alternative therapies; and to crown your life with integrity, success, abundance, health, love and pure joy.

Rebirth Sessions

We’re born twice in our lives; One from our mother and the other from ourselves Gea City, “Inner New Born” is the way to be born and experience high and improved vibrations By participating in “Rebirth” as a child or adult, you can solve negative experiences arising from childbirth and infancy that prevent you from forming healthy relationships. The goal is to free you from blocked emotions to create reliable and healthy bonds.

Be the Artist of Your Life Program

If we want to have real maturity and a great life in life, it starts with having a vision and purpose With the program “Be the Artist of Your Life”, you can learn to surf the waves in life and take control of your life. You can reconcile with the past and design the future for yourself. The GEA 30 Daily Program reduces good vibration, high energy, super body formation to the cell with consciousness, open breath and applications.

Gea Offers Life Energy



Breathing is the only tool that connects mind, body and emotions, so precious… Between those two breaths, we can embrace the golden existence in our lives by increasing the frequencies of our breaths.

Golden Breath, Golden Mind, Golden Heart

It is a study in which different techniques of conscious, connected, continuous breathing are taught.


GEA stimulates the senses with pure extracts that flow through the most fertile soil, water, amplifying your cell vibration from the inside and outside, bringing all the beauty of the world to your soul and body.


Work that provides valuable openings to make goal-oriented decisions with a clear and serene mind and to perform the job more effectively.


In this special program, we will try to find the balance of mind and body by asking the right questions to our subconscious in order to take good care of our body and ensure continuity, as well as the question of how to feed.


This journey, which will carry the dance of feminine and masculine energy to the highest probabilities, is the adventure of exploring the nature of pleasure and love.






Let’s Hit the Road, Turn On the Road

The road is beautiful, the passenger is beautiful; The Journey Is The Most Beautiful

The GEA journey involves sharing the blessings of the world, celebrating life, enjoying and understanding while connecting with different cultures through shared experiences. Being on the road is a symbolic expression of all searches.

The Gea journey involves sharing the blessings of the world, celebrating life, enjoying and understanding while connecting with different cultures through shared experiences. Through Gea experiences in different geographies of the world, participants add unforgettable moments to their life journeys.

Thanks to GEA Travel, we are once again reminded of the importance of a physical change of location to embark on a journey into our inner world, and how important it is to be on the way, rather than arriving.

You will witness how deeply traveling affects people and how it affects their psychology with the GEA world.

GEA Travel programs introduce you to different cultures at home and abroad, while expanding your horizons with BREATH work, alternative therapies, talks and conversations, contributing to your personal development by raising your vibration, ensuring that you exist in the moment and appreciate the moment.

Even when you are planning a trip, you will experience excitement, dream, create plans, solve problems, increase your self-confidence and make a good investment in yourself.

Meeting new cultures, seeing new people and new ways of life will affect you greatly. Seeing how people live their lives in their own world will change your outlook on life and have a positive effect on your attitude towards events.
With each new person, you will get out of your thought patterns and open yourself to new worlds.

Travel is the best medicine to get away from stress. Leaving the problems and worries of daily life behind for a while will increase your productivity when you return.

It is not difficult to stay positive if you change your perspective by traveling and take time to listen to yourself. Develop your imagination by traveling, learn to enjoy the moment and most importantly, value yourself and your experience.

Here are 5 scientifically proven benefits of travel…
1. Travel Reduces Risk of Heart Disease.
2. Travel Reduces Stress. %31.
3. Travel Promotes Physical Activity. …
4. Travel Promotes Creativity. …
5. Travel Makes You Happy.

Mindvalley Live Dubai

22-27 February 2023

We will be in Dubai as part of the GEACITY “let’s hit the road and transform on the way” program.

Forget your average sit-down seminar. Mindvalley Live is a weekend of exhilarating growth, bonding, and magic moments with amazing people.

You are invited to this magical weekend where your life will change!

Can one weekend really change your life? Join us in February and find out.



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