Hu Frequency Şeb-i Arûs


Let’s meet on HU Frequency.

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A new inner journey has been added to GEACITY Travel's "Hit the Road, Reach the High" series.

Founder of GEACITY, breathwork therapist and wellbeing expert, Mrs. Merva Onur attaches special importance to her annual trip to Konya. Hu Frequency, which coincides with the Seb-i Aruz Ceremonies, opens the doors of existence in the dimension of oneness to its participants between 16-19 December on the Konya trip.

The name "Hu" is the dimension of oneness in one's essence. As we breathe in and out, we unconsciously chant Hu. By chanting Hu, we harmonise the body and mind and bring them to the heart frequency.

On this mystical journey where the dimension of nothingness is discussed; special cultural visits including Konya and Hacı Bektaş Veli are accompanied by tastes of unique Konya cuisine and an unforgettable stay in a private dervish lodge.

GEA Travel programs, which help us bring our existence to “Good Vibe, High Energy, Super Body”, continue to hit the road and reach the high in 2023 without slowing down.

GEA Travel presents…

HU Frequency
16 | 19 December

✔️16 | 17 Konya
✔️18 | 19 Hacı Bektaş Veli

➕Cultural Visits
➕GEA Workshops
➕Konya Cuisine

All included 850 USD

Transportation : Train
Accommodation: Private Dargah

For detailed information
+90 541 450 27 22

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