Hu Frequency

A new inner journey has been added to GEACITY Travel’s “Hit the Road, Reach the High” series.

Founder of GEACITY, breathwork therapist and wellbeing expert, Mrs. Merva Onur attaches special importance to her annual trip to Konya. Hu Frequency, which coincides with the Seb-i Aruz Ceremonies, opens the doors of existence in the dimension of oneness to its participants between 16-19 December on the Konya trip.

The name “Hu” is the dimension of wholeness in a person’s essence. As we breathe and express, we harmonize the body and mind, lowering the Hu frequency to the heart sound.

On this mystical journey where the dimension of nothingness is discussed; special cultural visits including Konya and Hacı Bektaş Veli are accompanied by tastes of unique Konya cuisine and an unforgettable stay in a private dervish lodge.

GEA Travel programs, which help us move our existence to “Good vibration, High energy, Super being”, continue to hit the road and turn into a road in 2023 without slowing down.


GEA Travel presents…

HU Frequency
16 | 19 December

✔️ 16 | 17 Konya
✔️ 18 | 19 Hacı Bektaş Veli

➕Breathwork Exercises
➕Cultural Visits
➕Konya Cuisine

24.500 TL + KDV (All inclusive)

Transportation: Train
Accommodation: Private Dargah

What is the Maqam of Nothingness?

The maqam of Nothingness is also the maqam of Hu. Hu, that is, His Self, is known by His Excellency. Knowing the essence of Allah with His transcendence means that He does not resemble anything, that is, He cannot be known in any way. Therefore, since we cannot know the Absolute essence from any aspect, it is described as absolute nothingness. Therefore, whoever attains to Nothingness has in fact attained Allah. The rank of Almighty Allah, which is denoted by the pronoun Hu, is nothing. No mind can grasp or comprehend it. Therefore, the word that defines it is indefiniteness, obscurity and uncertainty, that is, Absolute nothingness.

In fact, nothingness is the greatest of authorities. Because His Essence is the authority of Allah. The one who attains to the essence of Allah, who is Hu, becomes a partner in the course of HU and watches Allah’s attributes, names and actions.

He who attains to nothingness watches All in the mirror of Allah, sees himself in the mirror of allness and sees that all existence is from Him to Him, since he is not separate from Hu, he sees that all existence is from himself, and he watches his wholeness in the Position of Nothingness. It is the truth of Allness, which is free from allness in terms of human nature and condescension to the field of appearance. Because our Self is steadfast with Hu. Hu station is also the station of nothingness, that is, the highest of states.